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Multiplayer Pool Sharks game

About Multiplayer Pool Sharks game

Pool Sharks is a fantastic new multiplayer pool game that  you can play online, giving you the chance to be able to show off your pool playing skills either against your friends or against someone else online.
Choose from standard 8 ball pool or the 9 ball tournament style games and show the world how much of a pool shark you really are, with the chance to be able to perform trick shots as well as add spin on the cue ball, how will you get on?

How to Play Multiplayer Pool Sharks ?

Game Options:
Click on "Join Open Game" to start a game with the first available player online.

Click on "Join Private Game" to connect to a game that someone you know has created. You will need to know the Game Name and Password of the private game you wish to join.

Click on "Create Private Game" to create a private game for you and a friend. Select your game details then enter a Game Name and Password for your private game. Don't forget to send the Game Name and Password to your friend!

Move the mouse cursor to aim. You can control spin by moving the red circle on the cue ball pictured at the lower left of the screen. The cue will strike wherever you place the circle.

Click on the cue to start your shot. The cue will draw back and your power gauge will rise. The longer the mouse button is held, the more powerful your shot will be.

Release the mouse button to shoot the cue ball.

Game Modes:
8 Ball:
  • One or two players.
  • Played with all 15 balls and the cue; be the first player to sink all your balls (stripes or solides), then sink the 8 ball to win.
9 Ball:
  • One or two players.
  • Played with 9 balls and the cue; going in order, sink the balls 1 through 9. The first ball hit by the cue ball on each shot must be the lowest-numbered ball on the table. If you sink the 9 ball, you win.
Straight Pool:
  • The shooter may attempt to pocket any ball on the table. The game is won when a player reaches 25 balls pocketed. One point is scored for each ball pocketed where no foul (like a scratch) is made.
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